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[Grandma With Attitude]
CANINE  COLLEGIATE  REVIEW.  April, 2002 supplement.

I. M. Bassett, the Review's editor, deems the following response to the April issue worthy of a special edition:
Dear Editor:  I think the paper is finally getting down to basics and that we should not think that a world wherein dogs are calling the shots is ridiculous.  I guess the dogs were doing all right in pre-history, and that we should give them a chance to clear up this mess the world is in now.  For example, the increasing demand for care-givers for the elderly  people  in our society can result in raunchy nursing homes, flighty cigarette smoking live-in companions, or we can turn it over to the most intelligent compassionate steady brave breed of dog, the Queensland Heeler.   One Heeler per oldster would provide excellent care.  And don't train the Heeler.  Train the oldster.  Here is an example (and I bet that gator is  crawling around half dead dead from its wounds.)

                 Grandma in California