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CANINE  COLLEGIATE  REVIEW   February 15, 2001
                                         WESTMINSTER  WINNER  CAUSES CONCERN
                                                BY  Reginald Terrier-Mix,  U. K. Reporter
                                               In a recent interview,  Professor Houndog of  Cowford
                                               University, stated that the winner of a most prestigious
                                               Dog Show in the United States (a Bichon Frise pictured
                                               at left) was an example of ever increasing anxiety
                                               neuroses in the States, probably caused by the energy
                                               crisis.  He said the small size of the winner, plus his
                                               thick fur, appealed to people  who were confronted
                                               by rising dog food prices and the need to turn  down
                                               thermostats  because of huge utility bills.  " It is no
longer enough for a household pet to lower blood pressure and supply affection to his  nervous owner.   Now  the poor pet needs to be non-allergenic, too."

        This reporter has also learned that many Bichons in Norway are practicing walking around on their hind legs and piano-syncing, hoping to earn an easier lively hood as entertainers to escape their hazardous work as sheep dogs.

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