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CAR CLUB MINUTES (Daisy, put this on the bulleting board)
May 19.   The Car Club meeting opened with the oath of allegiance(to the car club etc.) there were eight present: Daisy, Alice, Chucky, Frank,Lupe, Mabel, Val, Gertie.  There was a discussion of the cars under consideration and it was finally put to a vote with the Dodge van  the winner.  So Daisy volunteered to do the negotiating on this, which she did on the telephone all the while that Bingo was going on.  She finally got the owner of the van down to $600 but a charge of $50 was required for delivery.  Alice had reported only $480 in the treasury, but Gertie said she would make up the short fall if her two cats should be allowed to ride along on all road trips as they are quite elderly and Gertie can't bear to leave them behind because they might die while she is gone.  This was voted on and it was agreed that the cats could go.  So the meeting adjourned right after Bingo and we are all eagerly awaiting the delivery of the van on Saturday.

                                                 signed   Alice
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