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MINUTES   The Seniors Car Club convened at l PM at the lunch site and there were eight members in attendance.  After the pledge of allegiance the meeting proceeded to a report of the treasurer, Alice, who reported that there were no funds left.  The report was tabled while a report of the van was made by Frank, project chairman.  This report showed that the van had arrived on schedule and that it would run.  However it was noted that some difficulty with the carbureter was present, several of the hoses leaked a little, the headlights did not work on "dim" , one of the directionals didn't work.  But considering the price everyone agreed that it was a very nice vehicle.  Frank also reported that his grandson, Kevin, had now completed his beginners and driver training, had passed his test and would receive his driving license any day now.

          A motion was made by Lupe that Kevin be appointed official van driver for the club and be paid a stipend from the treasury.  After some debate this was put to a vote and passed by a unanimous vote.  Since there is no money in the treasury at present it was decided that Kevin could not be put on the pay roll unless he agreed to take food stuff (home baked cookies etc.) until after the first of June.  A motion was made for the project chairman to try to make a deal for some auto insurance.  This motion was also tabled for the time being.

         As it was almost time for the aerobics class to meet, the meeting was adjourned with the understanding that after aerobics the project chairman would take the membership a short drive around the center in the van to test it out if he could get it started.

                 Report signed           Daisy
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