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CANINE  COLLEGIATE  REVIEW     September  1999  edition
COLLEGE  STUDENTS  PARTICIPATE  IN  NOTED  GAMES  EVENT!  By  Keene Sniffins, reporter at large.
          Around five hundred assorted canines accompanied by their persons assembled at Jones Point Park in Alexandria , Virginia, on September 4th to stage one of the largest Canine Games events in the area.  Among the participants were many students from nearby obedience colleges, also alumni of same, and it is rumored that at least four professors of psychology condescended to play in order to observe canine-humanoid interaction .  Although the eminent Dr. Houndog was not seen, it would be well  to check Extra Sensory Notification Network for a few evenings for new findings in the area of humanoid exploitation.  ExsenoNet monitoring of the humanoids' Usenet newsgroup rec.pets.dogs.activities detected a related dispatch by a humanoid freelance journalist.
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