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(satiric commentary on an article in the Washington Post)

CANINE COLLEGIATE  REVIEW,  Special edition.        September 16, 1999
FLAWED  EXPERIMENT  SPARKS  RESENTMENT.    A recent report in a prominent humanoid newspaper, complete with photographs of the participants and the foods being studied, was taken up by Doctor Goode Stuffins, head of the department of nutrition of Gorgetown University.  While the Review considers that Stuffins was over-reacting to an obviously commerce driven and frivolous study, still this journal joins the doctor in resenting the general tone of this article in the Post (of course we canines know what posts are for) and its dog-demeaning choices for the experimental buffet:  Spam (this is a highly salted and nitrite rich canned meat substance),  McDonald hamburgers (nothing wrong with these except the buns), a few sweet items, and a couple of other items too intimate and embarassing even to mention.  It is hoped that pet shops will run this arrant nonsense through the shredder at least twice before lining the puppy window with it.               By I. M. Bassett, editor
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