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CANINE  COLLEGIATE  REVIEW     October 1999 edition
          A survey of the Fall 1999 student bodies discloses a new pre-ponderance of un-prepared and under-prepared freshmen in many colleges.  Some of the hallowed halls of Cowford have had to be covered with back issues of the London Times, while freshman indoctrination sessions at leading United States ivy-league colleges are mostly held on campus lawns.  In fact  vet vans are appearing in increasing numbers with lines of pups queing up for their last immunization shots.  Is it possible that animal shelters are dumping at college doors to avoid giving food and shelter to run-aways and dumped delinquents?  Or are college coffers so near empty that entrance exams are by-passed?
REVIEW  WILL  OPEN  ITS  EDITORIAL  PAGE  FOR  LETTERS  ON  HOW  TO  COPE  WITH  RECENT  HAZING  OUTRAGES.  This paper solicits only constructive criticism and welcomes the opportunity to provide a forum for solution finding during the month of October.  A special edition will come out the third week in October for this purpost.    I. M. Bassett, editor
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