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                                                CANINE COLLEGIATE REVIEW     SPECIAL EDITION
                                                       FALL SESSIONS IN FULL SWING
                                                     by Chasit Upatree, Reporter at Large
                                                  >From New England to Baha California, the cooler fall weather
                                                  has energized the Canine world, and while there were a few
                                                 Halloween gastric casualties, and perhaps a little hooliganism
                                                during the early evening, most student bodies returned to their
                                               quarters intact.  Of course some homebound individuals suffered from barkitis on November first.

At a recent  anthropology symposium held late in October at  Northern Michigan Behavior University, an abstract of a paper by Doctor Digley  Dirtfly, professor of archeology, noted that artifacts recovered in and around canine meeting places prove that  territory marking and status establishment were primary aspects of such meetings, while feasting was probably of lower priority.  He compared this finding with the almost universal acceptance that humanoid gatherings at public parks is devoted almost entirely to food consumption and the drinking of sweetened or alcoholic drinks.  He also predicted that humanoids will undoubtedly attempt to foist their food focus onto the wiser and more advanced canine community.  He included allusions to certain humanoid symbols that tend to corroborate this finding:
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