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CANINE  COLLEGIATE  REVIEW      April 2002, page 2
As a follow-up on the discussion about the dog's role in educating humanoids, this paper  considers it fitting to review a book which explored this subject in some detail and was published as long ago as l996.  The academic community should keep tabs on contemporary ideas.  The name of this book is "Animals As Teachers & Healers", by Susan Chernak McElroy with forword by Michael W. Fox.  While other animals were acknowledged as having influenced humanoid behavior, dogs were by far more important in this respect.  McElroy has collected many stories of incidents in which humanoids were helped, educated, healed, and rehabilitated by canines.  Her reflections include poetry, some good photos, Indian lore, and a variety of inspirational material.

It behooves the canine community to observe humanoid behavior on a day to day basis so that we are better fitted to cope with, analyze, discuss and shape the relationship in a wise manner.