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Grandma With Attitude
Grandma's Dogs

EARLY ENVIRONMENT STUDY.   Professor Pommypuche, head of the Puppy Development Department at Barkley University, has completed a study of the effect of early environment on the intellect of developing canines, and has concluded with the radical notion that when emotional factors are stable and there is maximum exposure to intellectual stimuli, the young canine can develop abilities long considered exclusively humanoid.  In one of his case studies he cited the life of one of his student's offspring.  It seemed that this outstanding pup had been newspaper trained almost from birth and had spent so many hours waiting on a daily paper that he had learned to read the humanoid symbols and had formed a sentimental attachment to a humanoid named Albroder whose name appears frequently.  Even after several weeks this pup continues to search newspapers for his hero, Albroder.  Some of his searches appear troublesome to his owners.
ALGONQUIN  UNIVERSITY  ANNOUNCES  WINNER.      Algonquin University, leading Canadian university for primitives in North America,  has announced the winning team of the annual  People Mocking contest.  This year's winning team was able to keep two humanoids in constant calling for over three consecutive hours .  Members of the winning team are Hairyson Longfur, Scuffle Bushtail, Yodella  Sniftrail and Barkitup Furtiv, all freshmen.  A humanoid report of this event appears at