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CANINE  COLLEGIATE  REVIEW                 May  edition  2001
     The departments of sociology, anthropology and journalism of Barkley University are joining to host a June seminar to address the  emerging changes in the humanoid-canine relationship and to formulate canine responce strategies.   The Canine Collegiate Review, as a public service, has accumulated humanoid newspaper articles which draw attention to these changes.  Here are some examples:

     Barkley is soliciting abstracts from prominant educators dealing with the subject.  Already some well known professors have responded, to wit:
"Servant to Sibling, good or bad?"  by  Professor Lucas Laika of Syracuse Obedience University
"Chattel or child, do we have a choice?" by  Doctor Dennis Doberman of   Stuttgart Hundt Haus

     While this coming seminar seems to be only the introduction to continuing debate,  the Review plans to devote editorial space to letters from our readers which will develop public awareness of the problem.