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CANINE COLLEGIATE REVIEW  NEWS  FLASH  August 7, l999    HUMANOIDS BAMBOOZELED AS USUAL.  By  Chasit Upatree, reporter at large:
     A recent press release by a prominent humanoid news service states  "DOG WREAKS HAVOC IN PLANE'S CARGO HOLD--The Associated Press   Boston--Dog bites man is commonplace, Man bites dog, a little weird, But dog bites plane?
     Authorities at Logan Airport said an Irish wolfhound freed itself from a kennel during a United Airlines flight from San Francisco to Boston and chewed up the cargo area.  The dog, whose name was not released, managed to gnaw into wires for the Boeing 767' s landing gear, its cockpit warning lights and others that slowed the plane upon landing by extending its wing flaps.    etc. etc."
     However, fellow students at Barkley University where Liam "Wolfie" O'Holleran was attending a summer session, confided to this reporter that Wolfie had boasted that he had had terrorist training in a Belfast cell and that he planned to bring the plane down in Boston where he had relatives, rather than return to Ireland.  Wolfie also boasted that escaping from a sky kennel was only one task in basic training, that a canine had to exhibit competence in all areas of sabotage before he was sent out on assignment.  At Barkley Wolfie was an assistant instructor in drug sniffing.
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