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                                      HOUND  HERO  HIDES  OUT!
                                                                         BY KERMIT SCRATCHALOT, reporter at large for Canine Collegiate
                                                 Review.      According to a recent news story in a  humanoid newspaper of the Great
                                                Central Valley of California in the USA, four hounds were accompanying their owners
                                                on a routine small game drive in the high Sierras of  Sequoia National Park when one
                                              of the hounds left the group and disappeared in the undergrowth.  When his owner
                                             finally noticed that he was missing, he set out in search.  This was in an isolated area
above 6000 feet among the high timber.  The owner stumbled into an elaborate marajuana ranch, complete with drip irrigation system, the buildings covered with comoflage netting.  On noticing two men with guns among the huge plants, said owner took off at speed.  There was some futile firing as said owner managed to hide among the trees and subsequently made his way back to the others., one of which was wisely carrying a cell phone.

       Law enforcement officers, using a helicopter and aided by information supplied by the hunters, succeeded in locating the ranch and confiscating the crop, even though the criminals seem to have escaped.  Why did one of the hounds leave the group in the general area of the illicit ranch and where is he now?  Has he gone into a witness protection program?  Is he still hiding in the forest?  Has he been captured or killed by the fugitives?
The street value of the confiscated marijuana has been set at $20,500,000.  In the opinion of this reporter that is not cat food.  The hound-in-hiding is rumored to be a relative of the noted Professor Houndog.

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