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WORKING DOG WONDERS   Special edition
                                    March 10, 2001
                               EXECUTIVE  BOARD  ASKS  FOR  MORE  INPUT.
                                       The Board in an emergency session, has decided that it is
                                       time for the Union to take some action in the unsettled
                                       situation in Britain.  A representative of Local 350 of
                                      Leicester, England, testified before the board that several
                                      canines in the area were collecting funds to hand to activists
                                      in the area for high profile bribery and demonstration funding.
                                     While the board has definitely barred sporting dogs from
                                     joining our ranks, the Union has up to now considered
proffering some help to displaced fox hounds.  Now it is felt that a wiser course might be to back off the controversy entirely.  Let's hear from the membership about this.