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Dear Grandma:

I have found this wonderful man on a computer dating service.  He lives in Ohio and I do too, so we are soon going to meet for our first date this week-end.  Should I try to make a good impression or just act natural ?

Dear Excited:
You should start out trying to make a good impression.  Then if he turns out to be
a dud, just act natural and he will probably leave early.
Dear Grandma:
My boyfriend keeps borrowing money from me and I am getting tired of it as he now owes me over $300.  How is the best way to get the money back without losing the boy friend as I like him very much anyway?

Dear Anxious:
What you have is not a boy friend, but a gigolo.  You should make him give you the pink slip to his car.  Or is he driving your car?  You should divide the amount he owes you by the number of dates you have had, then offer him a contract at a lower rate and not pay him each evening until he is ready to leave.
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