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Dear Grandma:
Yesterday while I was brousing through the large print book section of the local library, I was startled by a loud "BOO!" right behind me, and found that I was being "hit on" (this means accosted in regular language)by an old codger who immediately engaged me in conversation about the available selection of books to be had, and how to write your initials on the title page so you could tell if you had already read the book.  He was a very jolly and jaunty fellow and I would like to follow up with this, except that he said "we" at one point.  Do you think this means that he is married?  Is the large print section safe for respectable seniors to be alone in?       Timid
Dear Timid:
There is an easy solution to brousing the large print section if it is far from the front desk.  Just carry a brick in your " Friends of the Library" book bag.  You can just swing the bag around and whack the masher if he gets too fresh or drop it on his foot.  He is probably married but you may like his wife too.           Grandma

Dear Grandma:    I have been around my teen-age grand kids so much that I am beginning to get my terminology mixed up.  Are there differences in the following terms or can you use them inter-changably?  bummer-hobo; awesome-awful; moon-spoon; flasher-masher; drag-swag; hack-whack; etc.       Confused
Dear Confused:   Yes these words are all inter-changable and I will soon publish a glossary of modern words with their old fashioned equivalent.    Grandma
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