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                                                    le chien elegant   page 2
                                                  COME WITH US TO ANY ENGLISH FLAT RACING MEET
                                              and you will see pooches on parade in jerseys made to match their master's
                                                              racing colors, bulldogs in bowler hats and bookies' faithful mutts decked out
                                                            in bright colored coats with pockets to hold free racing forms and pencils  with
                                                           the logos of their master's operation.

                                                           The exaggerated jeweled tiaras and diamond studded sun glasses of last season
                                                          seem to be passe.

                                                               BROCKLEHURST, BEMIS, UPPINGTON, AND SHEPLEY, SOLICITORS
                                                                          SPECIALIZING IN ACCIDENTS AND FRAUD 440 Kings Road, London

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                                                                                                              BOLLYWORTH BITTERS are good for your
     SCALLYWAG SCONES change                                                   jitters.  At your neighborhood pub or your
    tea to TEA!  Buy some today                                                       favorite club.  Drink up, lads.
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