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  Dear Fern:

It does not seem possible that it was seventy-seven years ago that we were in kindergarten together back in Iowa as now we are so far apart (geographically, that is) with you in Minnesota and me in California.  But I guess we are not so far apart in interests.  I will have to catch you up on my life, and what is going on down at Seniors here.  There are not very many unattached men in proportion to all the old ladies, which makes the old ladies more aggressive and gives the old single ginks an inflated idea of their own attractiveness and desirability.  Take Chucky, for instance.  Even though he is in his late eighties and has had lens implants and dentures, he thinks he is a real swinger  and is doing  any lady a honor by asking her to dance with him at the Friday night dances at the center.  He considers me an old hasbeen because I have too much arthritis to dance and just go to bingo and the lunches instead.

But Frank is okay and even though he is older than Chucky (and a lot cuter, too) he gets around real good and has a good car to drive, a l988 Cadillac sedan.  Well, one of the old ladies at Bingo was telling about a thing she had been on called "Las Vegas  Turnaround" where a person buys a ticket for $79.95 and this includes bus fare to Las Vegas, a motel room for one night, $10.00 worth of chips and bus fare home the next day.  She said she had a real good time.  Of course some of the people could afford this sort of thing (the ones that have some retirement pension besides social security, or money in savings, or rental property or something.)  but most of the others (me included) would not be able to pay out that kind of money and still pay the section 8 rent.  Anyway the upshot was that four of us are going to chip in after the first of May and pay Frank to drive us over there in his car and we have figured out a way to get a motel room and still have a little to use at the casinos.  There are a few odds and ends to still be sorted out but I think it could turn into a real good trip.  I will write you again after we come back and tell you all about it.

I hope winter is over up there and all that ice has melted enough for you to get out more.


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