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Dear Fern:

I guess you will be surprised to hear from me again so soon but something has come up that I think you might be interested in.  You remember in my last letter I was telling you about the trip some of us were planning to Las Vegas?  Four of us were going to chip in and have Frank drive us over there in his Cadillac sedan so we could take a whirl at the casinos.  Well, now it seems that Frank's driving license is restricted to just  driving in three little towns right around here and that only in day time hours.  I don't know why the DMV should want to do this to Frank as he is a very good driver and only made one or two little boo-boos  like driving up an off ramp now and then or driving too slow, just little things, you know.  So I guess we can't count on Frank to take us over there.

But then Tuesday down at the center Daisy (who is really smart about computers) found a sort of search thing that she was looking at cars on-  Recycle something or other.   Anyway, I edged her out of part of her turn and the search thing was still on the computer.  You can type in the make and model of the car you want and how much you are willing to pay, then click "search" and whammo!  Up pops a list of several cars you can buy.  It's just like a mail order catalog!  So now I am organizing a car buying club and was wondering if you want to join.  So far I have got five people who are willing to put in $100 apiece and we believe we can get a pretty good car for that.  There are still the odds and ends to sort out but we mean to have it up and running (the club) right after the first of the month.  We may get our Las Vegas trip right after the first of June.  Let me know.  I hope your hip replacement was a success.

Your friend

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