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LETTERS  TO  FERN                Spring 2000
Dear Fern:

Well, it probably has been a long cold winter for you up there in Minnesota but I read in the paper that you were having a warmer spell right now.  I have been right in the middle of a HOT spell down at Seniors recently (hot tempers that is) as these political arguments are almost out of hand.  Barney G. is such a hot shot know-it-all that is going around telling everyone how they ought to vote on the propositions, but he got the numbers mixed up and got kidded a lot for supporting the big clean water initiative which a lot of the old folks call  "pork broth" because there is bound to be a lot of pork in the water.
         Right now the real rough stuff is between  the bushies and the cainists, but they will forget about their slanging right after the primaries and team up to try to rile us sensible Democrats, who are always in the minority.  I made up a joke just for you and me.  Which would make a better president--a former wrestler or a former basketball star?  Ha.  We all know that the formula for president is solved by algore rythm.  Anyway we have always been good friends and don't throw ketchup or wadded up paper napkins at each other.  Or put stupid signs on people's cars in the seniors' parking lot.
      Gertie is a strong Bush supporter and she is hiring Kevin and Buck to take Bush supporters without cars to the polls in the van.  They will probably smell of vet disinfectant by the time they get there.  Weil, I better quit for now.
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