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June 5, 1999

Dear Fern:

Thanks for the contribution to the car club.  And I guess you are entitled to some information about what is going on, or rather what went on.  Well, Kevin had a friend,  Burck, only 16 years old but really knows a lot about cars.  So in order to keep the project going Buck volunteered to sort of patch up the van, which he did by wrapping all the worn out hoses with duct tape which mostly slowed down the leaks so we only carry one five gallon can of water along.  He tweaked the carbuter so we could get the engine started a lot of the time, got a replacement bulb for the directional, and a few other improvements.  So he and Kevin agreed to take us all on a test trip up to our local casino at Mesa Monte for just cookies and cheese and stuff which we could supply so that the boys could throw a party for some of their friends.

Well, my son does not want me to put the whole story of that trip up to the casino in a letter, as he says the postal service does not allow that stuff to go through the mail.  So I'll just say that Kevin and Buck are really fine boys and that Gerty' s cats are total disasters on a road trip.  We got in some trouble  but managed to come out of it alive but are all slinking around looking ashamed and the van is up for sale.  And the car club has been disbanded.  And Chucky spent a night in the pokey.  I probably will not start another project for a while.


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