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Dear Taxman:

I wonder if I will have to pay my taxes via the Internet next year as
that is what I heard down at seniors the other day.  They
seemed to think you would have to have a credit card to do this.  Can
you just send in the number off of someone elses card as I know where my
son keeps his?  Do you have to report bingo earnings?  Also do you have
to report gifts, as my rich boy friend gave me a car recently, a 1991
Porsche which his grandson picked up in Las Vegas the other day.  It does
not have any license plates, but the grandson is going to bring it when
he can find one (a California one so I will not have to have it smogged
right off).  I hope you will start a question and answer line on your web
page soon and will answer these questions on the Internet for us
oldsters who use the computer down at the center. 

An Admirer
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