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                                WORKING  DOG  WONDERS  November, 1999,

                                      GRAND  JURY  REPORT  CRITICAL  OF  COUNTY  PLANT
                                              Freddy Furtail, a crop guard dog between jobs, was mistakenly taken up by a
                                                   County Animal Control officer and lodged in the County Pound .  While waiting for
                                                   his union steward to arrange his release, he had the opportunity of being interviewed
                                                  by members of the County Grand Jury and was able to call their attention to
                                                 many features of the facility which he considered sub-standard.  Of course the county denied that these complaints were valid and said  that the mission of county animal control  was  keeping the county safe for humanoids, not giving dogitarian relief to vagrants and other undesirables.   The matter is still under investigation and is generating heated discussion.  It is true that budgetary constraints are present, and the town nearest this particular facility is still reeling from judgments rendered in a ground water contamination suit.
Local 898, Chicago, Illinois.  A motion was made at the last meeting to hear further arguments on the Apartment and Mobile Home dogs'  applications.  Some members feel that action must be taken soon as a rumor is in the air of these little woofers forming their own union..
Auf Deutsch:

    Lokale 779, Berlin. Bei der Sitzung von Oktober 20, wurde Petition von Willie
    Weimerimer für Mitgliedschaft unten gewählt. Gebühren wurden auf Bezahlung
    während mehr Zeit auf Exsensonet erhöht.
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