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WORKING  DOG  WONDERS   January edition, 2000
MEMBERS AGITATE FOR INCREASED COVERAGE.     At a recent meeting of the committee on continuing study of insurance needs, a contingent of security members stated that existing insurance does not cover dog-napping risks and that they are tired of paying private operatives for protection.  "Who can you trust these days?"   Sidney Shepherd asks, citing the  following news item in a prominent over seas humanoid paper.
Local 809, Syracuse, New York, USA
Members voted to contract the services of Dr. Harmon Holloway for the treatment of barkitis after all major humanoid holidays.  Dr. Holloway has invented a medicated throat spray flavored with rabbit liver that is not only palatable but also long lasting and effective.
Local 778, Bern, Switzerland
This local reports that all the Saints are fully employed now and have done outstanding service during the recent storms.  However they are petitioning owners for increased brandy allotments and cite their work overload as the reason.
55 locali Milano, Italia alla riunione di December3l, i membri sono stati invitati
    per contribuire al fondo monetario di ospitalità, mentre il partito dopo che la
    riunione si pensi che usi tutti i fondi monetari. Un Terrier scozzese ha contribuito
    una Lira.
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