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WORKING  DOG  WONDERS,  Journal of the Working Dogs of the World Union,
         March edition, 2000
CAMPAIGN  UPDATE.    The race for president of the Union is progressing about as usual with the two leading candidates--Hairy Hidebound and Itchy Innovator, running neck and neck.  Hidebound held rallies in  Indiana, Illinois and Iowa recently with abundant refreshments and a good deal of sweet talk and puppy licking.  Itchy Innovator has appeared at locals in Kansas, Missouri, and Arkansas where he greets members.
             The issues which most members consider urgent are living conditions, health care, and work over load.  Also under discussion are budget and inclusion.  Another contender who is coming up on the outside is Rowdy Rasler whose campaign relies heavily on negative out-speak and down-to-earth opinions.  Rasler has gained credibility by his achievments at the local level.
  lOCAL 666, ABILENE, KANSAS:  At a recent meeting there was a heated  discussion on just how far to go in admitting non-working breeds into the union.  Up for approval was the application of a mixed breed dog known only as Aitch-aitch whose occupation was listed as "bed tester",  whose breed was listed as "chowhound".  The applicant's employer was named as    .     One of our members said we ought to watch out for persons who tried to get their dogs into the union for health care coverage.  The application of Aitch-aitch was tabled until the next meeting.
Schutzhunde an den Werften baten das lokale, um ihre Bemühungen zu
    unterstützen, bessere Arbeitsbedingungen zu erhalten.
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