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                                                  WORKING DOG WONDERS  Health Advice
                                                Supplement       March  2000
                                                Questions and Answers
                                        Our Specialist for this edition is Roscoe Russell, a
                                                  semi-retired crop guard dog in the San Joaquin
                                                  Valley of California.  He is almost 19 years old (people
                                                  years) and has not been sick or disabled at any time.

                                                 Question:  What do you consider the most important
                                                 part in staying healthy?
RR:  Of course the answer to that would vary with the type of dog.  Myself, I think ample nutrition and freedom from stress or overwork to be the main things to go for.
Question:  What do you consider to be ample nutrition?
Answer:  Three or more servings per day of high quality dog food plus frequent snacks of natural foods such as nuts, avacados, corn chips or raw eggs.
Question:  How do you avoid overwork and stress?
RR:  As a loyal union member and attender of all seminars I practice passive obstructionism, conciliation or bribery of  the criminal element, use of well conceived hide out accomodations, and ingratiation to keep myself comfortable and relaxed.  I avoid chasing cars and other such frivolous sports.  Never walk when you can ride, never get in fights except when guarding your food bowl.

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