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                                                            In keeping with its decision to disperse health information rather
                                                                               than be gouged by HMO's or PPO's, the Union is now starting up
                                                                              the advice.  In most cases we will give top rating to traditional or
                                                                              natural advice but will publish veterinarian advice when it is free.
                                                                                          In the grass clumps pictured at left, choose the tender green
                                                                              grass for simple toning of the digestion.  The darker tougher older
                                                                             grass in the middle is the right thing for cleaning out undigested
                                                                             or rotten food.  The tough brownish grass on the right is too tough
                                                                             and should be avoided for eating but is good for marking.
                                                                                          Ground meat or raw meat scraps are safe with the decay just
                                                                             beginning to appear  and some dogs in very needy circumstances
may even risk more of the decay.  But purplish meat, especially with a strange odor should be avoided completely.
     There is a rumor that has been circulating for many years that eating cat food can lead to kidney problems.  The Union is appointing a committee to study this subject and possibly run some tests.  Another committee will study obesity (fatness) and will bring in a report.  Another good feature is our new question and answer service and we have asked our oldest and healthiest members to serve as specialists in this.
     So pay attention to all the good information the union is making available and send a message on ESNnet if y ou have health related questions.  Good Luck.     Executive Board

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