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WORKING  DOG  WONDERS, January edition 200l
OVERZEALOUS  ORGANIZER  DISCIPLINED.  Calvin Corgy , who was hired by Local  572 of London to attempt  to organize the workforce of a Friskies laboratory there seemingly used unorthodox and excessive means in his work to such an extent that the plant will move its operations to France.  Corgi even went so far as to try to organize a Friskies boycott after the move was announced, but the WDW board nixed the boycott and authorized a committee of British local members to administer punishment to Corgi..  The humanoid press covered the story from its own perspective.  See
SOUTH  AMERICAN  DOG  ASSUMES  CABINET  POST.  A member of our executive board learned of a working dog in Rio de Janeiro who is working as a cabinet member, earning substantial pay for its master, a Veterinarian.  See   The WDW executive has suggested that  President elect (humanoid)Bush should be contacted immediately to see if he might consider one our members for Secretary of Labor.  But of course most of our members were wearing Gore t-shirts during the humanoid campaign (see lce  )so it is doubtful that we would be considered.


                             553 locaux, Amiens, France ceci local lors de sa dernière réunion ont autorisé la
                             somme de 400 sous pour envoyer un organisateur dans le laboratoire de
                             Friskies ici pour essayer d'organiser les goûteurs, et ont autorisé l'organisateur à
                             recevoir le paiement des droits dans les festins doggy.