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                                       ITCHY  INNOVATER, liberal candidate, says"Time for new
                                      ideas, time for new blood."

                                      HAIRY HIDEBOUND, conservative, says "If it ain't broke don't
                                     fix it.  Three cheers for status quo"

WORKING DOG WONDERS, August l999  Page 2

BY  Jack Russell, reporter      As  election time approaches for next term at the national level, the two leading contenders, pictured above, are out and about electioneering and holding dollar a bowl dinners.  Both have hired professional howlers and are vying for time on Extra Sensory Notification Network.  But alas, both seem to have sullied reputations as far as delivering on previous promises are concerned.  The liberal wing is seeking the support of off-species fraternization groups and coyote sympathizers, while the conservatives remain rigid on traditional approaches and are rumored to receive substantial support from pet food groups.

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