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WORKING DOG WONDERS   August l999  Page 3


As a public service WDW wishes all members to be alert for these problems if they should arise at any of the humanoid public parades:

If there are floats or marching contingents publicizing the attempted unionization of federal working dogs, disrupt at all costs, even to attacking, ridiculing, or pelting with debris.

If there are floats or marching contingents publicizing or advertising either of our own leadership candidates it is permissable to trot out and join the parade for a distance of one city block or less, but under no circumstance should our demeanor denegrate our own union.

When the bagpipe bands pass by, do not rush to the nearest hydrant and cause the kind of pile-up that happened last year.

Remember our pledge to honor and respect seeing eye or companion dogs at all times.

Watch out for pick-pocket dogs.  They do a lot of damage to canine status.
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