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WORKING  DOG  WONDERS   February 2000 edition
     The executive board of the Working Dogs of the World met in a special meeting yesterday to consider the requests coming in for comprehensive health insurance coverage for all union members.  A projection of possible costs by three major health maintenance organizations was placed before the board.  The following is a synopsis of this:
             DVW*:  one year coverage per member          $750 (people money)
              GJP* *                                                                 $400    "           "
             MRA * **                                                               $52      "           "
Very little discussion was required to eliminate all of the above and a consensus was arrived at whereby this journal will give health advice and updates from time to time.
*Delicensed Veterinarians of the World
* * Grabbem, Jabbem, Pupsnatchers
* ** Medical Research Associates
Local 7866, Hobbs, New Mexico.       Membership voted to hire a private detective dog to investigate a local dog-
 napping ring which is troubling the community and attempting to steal dogs from a local shelter. Membership also gave a resounding bark of approval for the dogitarian benevolence of the local newspaper and especially its reporter, Helena.  Also a big bark for the local library's dogfood campaign.
Local 534 Bowbells, North Dakota.  A committee was formed to patrol the border and discourage Canadian dogs
from entering illegally to scrounge food and shelter that rightfully belongs in this area.  Of course members of WDW  who are just entering to socialize and visit their families are exempt.
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