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WORKING  DOG  WONDERS   March edition  200l
question that is expected to come up at the next meeting of the   Executive Board.  Although the board at one time did consider funding education loans to hounds recently displaced by the outlawing of fox hunting in Britain, it has come to its notice that there is a likelyhood that illicit training schools in abandoned sheds, culverts, and thickets are sprining up in anticipation of said loans, with faculties of street dogs, strays, and aging fighters fully prepared to train the displaced hounds in non-approved disciplines  or bogus herding or sniffing schools.  So this benevelent but fiscally doubtful strategy will probably be voted down.
     However, some assistance for bonafide herd dogs who are paid-up members and also out of work because of the mad-cow epidemic is certainly in order, even if it means special assessments against fully employed members in other lands.

Local 376, Oslo, Norway.    At a recent meeting it was voted that the Bichon members who are leaving the ranks of working dogs to assume the work of pampered pets should continue paying their dues to retain membership.  Only two Bichons remain members of this local, one of whom made the statement at the last meeting that he preferred the kick of an angry ram to the pawing and smooching of some nervous old humanoid ewe.

Local  557, Nogales, Mexico.

                             Una reunión de seis perros intentados para ordenar un local como agentes sino
                             la reunión no tuvo éxito pues los seises eran Chijuajuas justo que esperaba
                             anunciar contratos o trabajos en Taco Belces en los Estados Unidos. Hermanos
                             apesadumbrados, pequeños. Vuelto cuando usted tiene un trabajo.