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Grandma With Attitude

What's New with Grandma?


Grandma's Back -- Grandma's mad!

A Trashin' Da Old -- chronicling defacement of senior web pages


Rent-a-Rott -- there are 1,001 things you can use a Rottweiler for

Canine Collegiate Review -- pre-eminent journal of the acadogmic community

Working Dog Wonders -- "... they just want to tap into our solvent litigation fund"

Le Chien Elegant -- dogs as we would like to see them dressed


Junkists Anonymous -- getting the monkey off your back when you're addicted to thrift stores and garage sales


Grandma's Grim and Grizzly Bed Time Stories -- Grandma's Blue Screen of Death will strike fear into your heart


More Letters to Taxman -- beware the Ides of April

Still More Letters to Taxman -- the Seniors Center needs more computer terminals


Letter to Fern -- getting ready for Vegas road trip

Next Letter to Fern -- but first we need wheels

Yet Another Letter to Fern -- the Car Club post-mortem

LTF Spring 2000 -- passions run high in an election year


Grandma's Dating Service -- catering to the special needs of the casino denizen community


Grandma's Counselling Service -- Grandma knows best


Car Club Meeting Notice -- and the nominees are ...

Minutes of the Meeting -- and the winner is ...

Minutes of the Meeting, continued -- so, this is the winner?

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